The Gwalior Project Graphic Design Illustration Copywriting

I completed my BA Thesis Project at a design studio called Play Clan. In Play Clan, I designed a collection commissioned by Gwalior’s royal family which narrates Gwalior’s oral history and fable — visually and verbally. The project features thrilling tales of this town at the heart of India. I compiled and illustrated anecdotes from the rich history of the Gwalior.

I started by visiting and experiencing the flavours of the historical city of Gwalior. In my research phase, I aimed to collect humorous and captivating stories of blue blooded warriors, cunning dacoits and legendary places. At the end of this stage, I had created a bank of informative yet fresh and exciting anecdotes.

Over the next 2 months, I iterated different visual, type and copywriting styles, and chose the concept of a informal & incomplete journal - that quizzes a reader and encourages them to fill in their own stories. The Gwalior Journal is aimed at intriguing young tourists, who prefer to hear stories and oral legends rather than historically accurate information.

Finally, the material created for the Book were adapted to a range of products, such as apparel, stationery and also to the Visual Identity of the Play Clan Store in the Gwalior Museum itself.

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