Nokia Health & Healthmate Design Research UX for the Future of Medical Wearables

Image from Nokia Health websiteImage from Nokia Health website

In 2017, Nokia Health acquired Withings, a digital health company. I joined the Design team at Nokia as a UX Consultant to research potential synergies between existing technologies at Nokia and the Withings ecosystem.

I specifically researched how a medical device created at Nokia can be transformed into a viable business, product and service. I mapped different market opportunities where this medical device can work with the Healthmate App to translate health data into actionable information for different types of user groups. Additionally, I created a set of guidelines for Future of Healthcare Design for the new Nokia Health team.

During this project, I learnt a lot about the future of healthcare, predictive diagnosis and digital therapeutics. By working in a global organisation with remote teams, I got the experience of co-creating with different product owners, engineers, doctors and other internal stakeholders. I also learnt a lot from working with a team of design specialists who imagine and create future facing Nokia services.

*The details of this project are confidential and cannot be disclosed on my website. *

You can read more about my learnings on Medium

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